2017 11u BFA National Championship Head Coach

Rick Slamin

2019 13u Head Coach

Along with Asst. coaches Kate Lavelle and Miguel Rivera, we are very proud to represent the City of Boston with these tremendous young ladies. My goal for this program is for it to progress into an opportunity for all young ladies who have the drive and the love for the game to try and play at any level they want.

Growing up playing baseball for me was a blessing. I started baseball early in my life at about 7 Yrs old with the Regan Youth Baseball League. This is the same league that these extraordinary girls are playing for today. The start with the Regan League assisted me in forwarding my baseball life through play into the High School, Jr College, and Jr Parkway levels.

To this day I am still active in both coaching and playing in the MSBL 28+ Mens Baseball League. I am grateful for all of the past coaches that I played for. For the most part they instilled both the fundamentals and the love of the game. I hope that all the same principals I was taught in my baseball experience can be passed down to my group of ladies we call the SLAMMERS!!!!

2017 11u BFA National Championship Asst Coach

Kate Lavelle

2019 13u Assistant Coach

Kate lives in Roslindale, MA with her spouse, Cath, their son Frankie, who plays in the Regan Youth League, and their chocolate lab, Dante. Kate is very proud to be an assistant coach for the Slammers. Growing up on Long Island, NY Kate always had a passion for baseball. She’s still a Mets fan and has always loved the Boston Red Sox as her American league team, which made for an interesting ‘86 World Series. As a girl, baseball was not an option so she began playing softball and she still plays today. For the past three years, Kate has been coaching her son’s Regan Youth League team and the Boston Slammers. She really enjoys helping the kids develop their baseball skills, sportsmanship, and love of the game.

Kate works in downtown Boston in the retirement services industry. She majored in math and loves it. She’s also in her element doing home improvement projects—whether for family or Habitat for Humanity. In her free time, Kate plays soccer year-round, enjoys water and snow skiing and spending time with family and friends.


2017 11u BFA National Championship Asst Coach

Miguel Rivera

2019 13u Assistant Coach

I am the proud father of 3 children Nicholas 16, Kaylee 12 and Avery 5 and husband to Nicole. I have always loved the game of baseball. I have been playing since I was 12 and I still play today. I always wished I started playing earlier. I play with the Boston Cardinals. The positions I have played are catcher, pitcher and 1st base.

I started coaching with my son when he was 7. And I loved it. I love seeing the love of baseball through the eyes of children. We are most definitely a baseball family. My wife keeps the books, I coach and we all cheer each other on. I am currently coaching or assisting 5 teams. I coach 1 team for my son and 2 teams for my middle daughter (who is a Slammer), 1 team for my niece, and finally tee-ball for my youngest daughter.

I love that my daughter is playing baseball. In addition to baseball I have coached Kaylee in soccer and basketball. She even did one year of pop warner football. Early on we have always encouraged her to do anything she wants. There are no limitations to what she can accomplish. Being on the Boston Slammers team has given her more confidence. I am excited to be part of a tournament that tells girls anything is possible. It will be nice getting to know and playing other all-girl teams.

John Choe

2019 11u Head Coach

My favorite part of coaching is watching a kid improve.  I love giving focused feedback on a skill during practice and then hearing that the player worked on that skill at home.  I love the smiles I see when a player takes a lesson learned in practice and shows it in a game.  I enjoy helping kids to work to achieve their goals and teaching them how to navigate both success and failure. 

My goal as the 11U coach for the Slammers is to develop an experience where each girl learns these important lessons while having fun playing a game she loves and being supported by teammates and coaches that care.

I love baseball.  If your daughter loves baseball too, then please consider joining the Slammers! 

About Me: I grew up in and around Philadelphia, where I suffered through a lot of sub-.500 baseball as a young Phillies fan.  I played baseball through high school and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play one game in the minor leagues.  (I grounded out in my only at-bat.)  My love of the numbers in baseball led me to my career as a stock investor and enabled me to meet a lot of interesting people throughout the game.  My wife, three kids, and I live in Jamaica Plain and we are proud to be a part of the wonderful Regan Youth League.  I enjoy watching my kids play, coaching their teams, and teaching baseball analytics.  And now my daughter and I are excited to be a part of the Slammers!

Nelson Molina

2019 11u Assistant Coach

Nelson Molina is our most recent addition as an assistant coach for 11U. He was born and raised in Jamaica Plain. Nelson loves baseball and coaching and used to play baseball with the Little League at Club Hispano.

Coach Nelson is a huge supporter of the Boston Slammers and his only daughter Juliana Molina, who plays on the team.  He is very proud to be part of this amazing group of girls reaching for their goal. GO SLAMMERS!!

Kristen Dix

2019 18u Coach

Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, I’ve always loved baseball. As a kid, I never had the opportunity to play organized baseball, but I could always be found playing a neighborhood pickup game or round of homerun derby. I started playing softball at 4 or 5 years old and continued through college, working my way from utility player to starting catcher for Oberlin College. I still enjoy playing today in local rec leagues.

I currently live in Roslindale, MA and work providing SEL support and intervention to elementary school students. I am a huge fan of various women’s sports and am so excited to have the chance to be a part of the Slammers providing opportunities for girls to grow their game and do what they love.

Sophie Schacht

2019 18u Coach

I have loved playing, watching, and reading about baseball since I was very small. As a kid in Rochester, NY, I played organized baseball starting at age 5, often as the only girl on the team. When I was 12 I had the opportunity to play at the Cooperstown Dreams Park as the only girl among 750 boys. At age 14 I switched to softball and enjoyed playing center field through high school and at Oberlin College.

I am currently a kindergarten SPED teacher living in Roslindale, MA with co-coaches Robb and Kristen. Robb and I have two wonderful foster sons, Nick and Nathaniel, and a beautiful pit bull, The Great Gazoo. We learned about the Slammers through Nick’s teammates and coaches and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to coach a group of girls who love baseball as much as I do.